About us

We are Christian Bleeker and Janek Ozga, two guys with a mission. We are the founders of Browsy and this is our way to make the world a little bit greener.

Founders Browsy

Christian Bleeker

Finally, we can share Browsy with you, but actually, Browsy has been an idea that Christian played with for a long time. Chris, the creative brain of Browsy, has seen a lot of the world. He lived in exotic places, from which he returned with mixed feelings. While travelling through Asia between 2015 and 2018, he came across many peers who lived as digital nomads (influencers, vloggers, YouTubers) in places such as Chiang Mai, Taipei or Bali. They sat in large numbers with their laptops on the beach, with a cocktail in hand. Chris thought "I want this freedom as well."

While these millennials were enjoying their freedom, Chris also saw a dark side shockingly close to these dream destinations: The plastic waste that comes ashore in Indonesia, leaves of trees covered with black smog in India and the miles of deforestation in the Philippines.

These contrasts have left an indelible impression on Chris and that is how the first thought to change this arose.

The search began

How can we find a way in which we continue to do what we are good at, with the technology of today and the consumer society in which we live, but with the preservation of nature as the main priority? An Oxford study shows that simply planting trees is the most effective way to prevent global warming. Where there is space and the necessity to plant trees, there are already initiatives to realize this. Together with the local population ensuring replanting of trees is a great concept, but we want to help the people in western societies to be part of this whole together. Chris went looking for a way, just like the digital nomads, to collect money online and donate it to one of these reforestation projects.


Janek Ozga

Janek graduated as a Software Engineer and has been working in his field for some time. He already helped with a few smaller green initiatives, where he could develop himself and immediately use his skills for a good cause.

The need for his own project grew; a project where he gets complete freedom and can put a big green stamp on it. He met Chris at a party, immediately became enthusiastic and they saw each other again quickly. Chris' vision and Janek's skills came together and proved to be the recipe for the start of Browsy.

Janek is now co-owner and works at Browsy as CTO or technical director. This is a big word within a small company and mainly means that he is responsible for the technical part. He gives technical advice, designs and makes technical implementations. He makes the vision of Chris (which Janek now shares as well) a reality.


Our ideals

Browsy is a silent force that makes the world green. This means that we do not collect donations in the traditional way but in an innovative way. Browsy is the bridge between consumption and doing the right thing. We would like to see individuals and organizations always do this; a system in which the purpose economy is central and greening is actively included in every business plan and in every household.

Keep our eye on the prize

We hope to be able to set an example with Browsy. Browsy does not request a donation, we do not bother you with intrusive advertising and we do not request any changes to your internet use. However, the use of Browsy can have a major effect on the world. For example, planting a tree costs an average of 25ct, which means that the Browsy community can provide substantial afforestation in the places where it is most needed.


Browsy and the 3P's: People, Planet and Profit

Making the world greener is at the heart of Browsy. We continue to look for better ways to make the world greener and reduce emissions. We do our best to keep looking for alternatives with every choice we make. In our opinion, a better alternative is not always cheaper but ensures a smaller ecological footprint.

'How can we demand less and give more?' - Christian Bleeker

Based on our holistic thinking, we try to work as efficiently as possible.

The 80-20% regulation is essential to accomplish this. We donate 80% of our net profit to the foundations, the other 20% we desperately need to guarantee the future of the organization. Of this 20%, we can guarantee a significant monthly donation, but we also know for sure that we have room to keep on discovering and improving.

To explain our sustainable development, we use the three Ps: "People," "Planet," and "Prosperity."



As long as everyone who creates Browsy enjoys their profession, we are strong. Our employees bear a lot of their own responsibility in this regard. As long as you get done what you have planned for the day, we encourage you to keep doing what you love. This can also mean that you read your favourite book for half an hour, listen to relaxing music, meditate or walk the office dog. We believe that setting this freedom does not only increase the atmosphere and enjoyment in the workplace, but also that efficiency increases within the company. The average Dutch person works 1800 hours a year (!). Make time for the things you love.

We donate 80% of our gross profit to foundations that plant trees in countries where an average of 300 football fields of forests per hour are razed to the ground. We choose these foundations with care because they train the local population to become experts, which then carefully plant the trees. Many of these people live in countries close to the equator, where the sun is high. Browsy also wants good working conditions for these hard working people. Do they get enough rest? A decent lunch? Do they drink enough water? We are in direct contact with the foundations to be constantly informed about these questions. We share the information we receive via social media. Follow us on Facebook and stay informed with the progress.



This is why we do it, for the future of the planet. This goes beyond our app, which speaks for itself, or the green servers on which our website and services are hosted. Sustainable purchasing, recycling, bicycle appointments, waste separation, these are things we also do at Browsy. We see a future where every company not only tries to guarantee the natural balance but also actively contributes to the well-being of its environment. We ensure that our employees get enough fresh air, but also that the coffee is fair trade. It's all in the details.



Browsy’s economic earnings model is based on the small commission fees that we receive thanks to your purchases. This is enough for significant donations to the foundations and to keep Browsy up and running. This is how we can continue to do what we are good at: delivering a service that ensures that consumers can make a free contribution to a greener world.

We get the social benefit from Browsy as a social company and the way in which we encourage our employees to develop. In this way, we also measure our success by the atmosphere in the workplace.

In addition, our goal is to remain on the market as energy-neutral and as green as possible and to encourage new users to join us in this journey of discovery. As a pioneer, we want to set an example for every company by showing that making a profit is not the only thing that matters.